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Igboscholars is a forum for all and sundry Igbo Scholars and Elites in Nigeria and all parts of the world. It is a forum of ladies and gentlemen of Igbo origin who have distinguished themselves in promotion of Igbo language, Igbo studies texts, journals and cultural heritage. Non-Igbo people who can contribute in any way in achieving the set objectives of this website are welcomed.

Call for Paper:
Ideal International Journal, Igboscholars International Journal & Ekwe Jonal – annual journals of the Igboscholars Forum , Nigeria call for well researched papers from authors in areas that border on Igbo in relation to other people’s cultures. We welcome articles or proposals from all perspectives and on all subjects pertaining to Igbo, Igbo/African people’s and others’ relations of public policy, Language, Religion, Philosophy, Education, Medicine, History, Economy, Sociology, Culture, Engineering, Business Relations, Comparative Politics, Strategy and Environment, etc.

The journals wish to publish the results of her researches annually.

Submit manuscripts as e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office.

Onukwube, Alex. A. Anedo
Ngozi Thecla Udemmadu.

Department of African & Asian Studies
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Anambra State – Nigeria.

igboscholars@yahoo.com or send two hard copies of your papers to any of the editors. referencing style is MLA or APA.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to all Igbo descents and all

Foundation Members: Chairman, Secretary, PRO.

PATRONS: Prof. Obed Anizoba,

Dr. Alex Alfred Anedo Onukwube
Dr. Thecla Udemmadu

Prof. Obed M. Anizoba: Emeritus Professor, Dept. of African & Asian Studies N.A.U.
Prof. Sam Uzochukwu: Dept. of Igbo & Linguistics, Igbariam
Prof. Amoge C. Eme: Dept. of Linguistics, N.A.U.
Dr. B.I. Mba: Dept. of Igbo & Linguistics, UNN
Prof. Shen Jia: Dean of Studies Chinese Culture & Anthropology, Xiamen University, China
Prof. Prof Yuhua Ji: Dean, Dept. of English & Linguistics, Xiamen – Fujian Province China
Dr. Paul Oguguo: Dept. of Philosopy NAU, Awka Anambra State Nigeria.

Department of African & Asian Studies
Nnamdi Azikiwe University
Anambra State – Nigeria.

Phone: 08170713274 / 08037859249

Webb site: www.Igboscholars forum.com. ng.

E-mail: igboscholars@yahoo.com

Webb Managers:  Merantus C. Okoye and Tony Onyebueke


I.     Seminar presentation in all academic fields
ii.     Lecture
iii.    Masters of ceremony
iv.    Editing of Manuscripts
v.     Sales of educational books
vi.    Printing & Publishing
vii.   Page planning
viii.  Guardian / Counseling
ix.    Interactive section
x.     Courtesy Visits

I. Collection, Editing & publishing of three Journals:
Ekwe, Ideal & Igboscholars International Journal.
(in hard copy and on the website)
I. Hosting of Annual Quiz Competition for Secondary Schools:
a. Essay Competition
b. School Debate
c. Writing Competition in all genre


Members of the forum shall have their works published with the forum’s publisher at a very subsidized rate. And also on the web site.
Forum can also undertake the marketing of a member’s books (on negotiation.)

– Membership Annual Due:
One Thousand Naira only for the renewal of the Web site.

January – April.

PRINTERS: Besing Books