Our Vision

This website is the brainchild of Professor Obed Muojekwu Anizoba (Ozonwa) who in his magnanimous character donated it to the Igbo Scholars Forum led by Dr. Onukwube A. A. Anedo, for onward propagation of Igbo people’s culture. It is therefore believed that through this site, Igbo people, which  is one third of the entire Nigerian population but unfortunately, as after effect of Biafra/Nigeria war, has been degraded as a minority language group in Nigeria, could be studied and understood by other peoples of the Globe.

It is unfortunate that in spite the fact that there is no corner of the Universe where Igbo people cannot be found, little or nothing is known about them. Therefore, this site serves as an avenue through which people all over the world could read and understand their life, what they believe in,their medicine, philosophy, religion, arts, economy, agriculture and social behaviours.