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The Ideal Man…A Festschrift in Honour of Professor Obed Muojekwu Anizoba…

Prof. Muojekwu Anizoba (Ozonwa), the subject of this intellectual testament is a perfect gentleman, a renowned teacher and culture enthusiast as well as a consummate academic. His interest in nurturing his students, inspiring younger colleagues and building a collegiate and fraternal spirit are assets which the faculty of Arts, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, have come to treasure and cherish. It is because of this and other endearing traits in Professor Anizoba his colleagues deemed it fit to celebrate him. The Ideal Man is a reflection of gentle mien and charismatic personality of the celebrant.

The editors, Dr. Onukwube Anedo and Dr. Thecla Ngozi Udemmadu not only for their intellectual sagacity in nurturing to fruition this testament but also give honour to whom it is due. The overall quality of this work bears witness to the competence of the editors. The 50 chapter book draws contributions from diverse area of the Arts and Humanities. The work is a remarkable contribution to knowledge, a deserved honour to an outstanding academic and mentor as well as a worthy addition to the growing number of scholarly writings.

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